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Dreaming Tree                medium: lead came & copper foil               size: 46″ X 43″


Cowboy Guitar                     medium: copper foil


John 3:16               medium: lead came & copper foil           size: 59″ X 33″


Frog Guitar                     medium: copper foil


Vincent              medium: mosaic on sheet glass              size: 18″ X 15″


Spirit Fall—-Awake My Soul             medium: lead came                  8 panels, 20′ X 7′


Living Water            medium: lead came            size: 27″ X19″


Fret 9–12             medium: lead came & copper foil          size: 44″ X 26″

the last two church windows of the series "Living God Consuming Fire'

Living God Consuming Fire         medium: lead came           2 in a series of 8 panels

Each window:  83″ X  18 1/2″




      I have always been fascinated by stained glass and the emotional effect light has on space when it transmits through color.  Light filtering through colored glass illuminates and softens space while textures on the glass bend light into ephemeral beams, almost always setting the tone of a space to one of peace and contemplation.
      My stained glass art is an expression of the landscape, physical and emotional, surrounding me. I see things all around that influence, inspire and stimulate ideas in me. Sometimes it is beauty in nature, sometimes it is a scripture in the bible, sometimes it is simply the piece of glass that I pick up. One of my favorite things to do is use reclaimed materials ( glass, wood, instruments) and give them a new, different life by adding the illuminating and reflective qualities of stained glass.
      Many old stained glass windows in churches are composed of images that tell a story or convey a message. In the Eastern world, learning is still accomplished using stories told through pictures and symbols. To me, stained glass is a natural medium to translate a story or message into visual imagery. Most of my pieces I have designed, but particularly my spiritually themed panels, contain symbols and metaphors that I hope convey the feelings and emotions of their story.
     Other than a basic foundational stained glass class in 2002, my training has been experiential. When I was young, I loved to draw and in junior high school, art class was my favorite. In high school I took mechanical drawing, and loved the detail and precision of the drafting. But, my other strong interest was science and I ended up in the field of dentistry.  Art was put on the back burner as I established my life in the dental profession.
      I returned to the world of art, through stained glass in 2002. My studio is a detached garage, where I go to get lost producing and creating a variety of stained glass items. As with many, my biggest obstacle is my perfectionistic nature and the self-defeating thoughts that go along with that. Pushing through and trying is, for me, part of the therapeutic, creative process. I am grateful to have so many people in my family that have influenced and encouraged me to expand my creative talents adding dimension to my life through art.
      I am very humbled and honored to be chosen as an Artsy Shark featured artist and wish to say thank you! For those wanting to view more of my work, please see my website page at:
      I want to acknowledge a special person : Sheryl Silberman for helping me write this. Sheryl is my cousin, a friend, an artist, and a poet.