Guitars of 2022

Here are two guitars that I did earlier in the year—–not sure why its taken me so long to post it? The one on the right was designed by Suzan Browning, my terrific sister-in-law. So creative! The one on the left was made for friend of mine who is an army vet——Richard Potts. Both of these were fun to fabricate——-I guess they are all fun to fabricate.

I Am They

I thought this was an unusual name for a contemporary Christian band. I have heard some of their music before, but a few months ago I heard a song: Lift My Eyes, that caught my attention. I did a little investigating into the band and went to their website, and when I saw their logo, I immediately liked it! I’m always looking for ideas to put into guitars, so I put their logo in one. I really like the simplicity of this design. The group: I Am They, is becoming one of my favorites!

New Photo

This is a photo taken by my sister-in-law, Suz Browning——Sometimes its not the subject matter in the photo that makes an impact——-its the way it was taken—the angle, the light—– I JUST LOVE THIS!!

Stained glass panels of 2021

The second window was made for a friend of mine, Mel. She lives in Canton, and has been renovating a house built in the 40’s. This window was installed in her guest bathroom. The wood used in framing it is over 100 years old. This is exactly the way she wanted it. She and my cousin Erin came and picked it up a few weeks ago. They loved it! Its been so long since I have posted anything, so I thought I would catch up a little.

Future project: I recently got a cello—–yes that’s right a cello—its like a huge violin——I will be doing something with that eventually. Very very excited to have something like this to transform! Thanks for looking at my site.

Yard Art


This is my latest project——I’m not sure how I’m going to post this, so if it looks disjointed then that is just me????????   There is a story that goes along with it, and I think it may end up being fairly long????? 😦          If you want to skip over all the dialog, then take a look at the photos of my first stump carving.  It took approx. 4 weekends to finish. Most of the photos were taken the first weekend. Here are the rest of the photos:


This is what it looked like after the first weekend. Now for the two scriptures that influenced this shape:




And now the finished carving:  When I started this, I didn’t even think about lighting it, but I did, and now it can be seen at night.  Now a neglected part of our yard has become, maybe my favorite?


Ok—-there it is.  Hope you get something out of seeing it.   I feel compelled to tell the story behind it, and realize the inadequacy of my abilities to express and share how this all came about?    Here is the long story:

Once upon a time I received a live Christmas tree from my mom in 2001, when we moved into this house that we live in now.  I planted it that July, never thinking it would live because of all the rock and lack of soil. It did live, and grew to probably 20ft tall? It died about 4-5 years ago, and when I was cutting it down, I decided to leave about 8 ft of the trunk —-not sure why, but thought—–I may do something with it one day?  So for 4 years every time I mowed the yard, I would walk by this stump, and think——what could I do to this? Many different thoughts, but no motivation to do anything until recently.

So many times people ask me what inspired me or motivated me to do what I did?  It can be certain designs, something in nature, another piece of art, even scripture is filled with word pictures that are limitless. Sometimes, I don’t really even know where some things come from?  There is a piece of art in the Sistine Chapel that I have always loved!  Obviously the whole chapel is a masterpiece, but I have always been intrigued by the hands of God and David, that just almost touch. I’ve wondered if I could do something like (hands only) that in glass?  So this was and has always been an influence. In 2010 when I was working on the first set of windows for my church, I had been reading in the old testament, and there was something that stood out to me in many many scriptures: The right hand of God.  That imagery of Gods right hand reaching out to us is indescribable!  Gods right hand was definitely incorporated into that series of windows.

The recent events in our country and two scriptures:  Isaiah 41:13, and Lamentations 3:22 seemed to open things up for what I was going to do to the stump.  When I first started with my chainsaw, angle grinder and dremel, I was hesitant to say what I was going to do, because, sometimes things happen, and you have to go in a different direction, so I just told friends who asked——you will have to wait and see?  My thought at first is I would spend as much time as needed to perfect the proportions and detail.  I very quickly could see why this tree died. This stump was decayed, cracked, eaten up from worms, and beetles.  Trying to fill in and repair all these defects would be a nightmare!  This was against my nature, but I decided, that all these defects, and the natural grain of the wood will provide much of the detail, and for sure the character of this carving———also a metaphor of what I see in mankind.  Yes, this carving of this right arm and hand in my mind is a symbol of mankind.

I was able to silence the disturbing news of mobs and riots, as I recited these scriptures as I carved away.  In Michelangelo’s painting, David is extending his left arm—– —–In Isaiah, God says he will take hold of our right hand— I very definitely and purposefully meant for this carving to be a right hand—–God is extending His right hand———- I want a firm, secure grip——– He is our only Hope. This message of Hope, to me is what resonated and filled me as I did this.  It was fun to do something completely different, but because it was so different, sometimes I would be a little hesitant to start, because I would think—-I’m going to mess it all up?  Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Bottom line:  Our culture is consumed with “self”, greed, power, and corruption.  We may even look strong from a distance and overall have a good appearance, but we are absolutely nothing without our Creator!  Our culture has taken God out of everything!  Wow——look how this is working out?   Gods promises are forever true. His right hand is reaching out to us. What an amazing amazing thing to grasp, that The Creator of this universe wants a relationship with us?   Can anyone really comprehend this?  I love symbols—-especially ones that remind me of where to put my trust—–I need them, because, I can be so quickly distracted by this world. Now I have one in my yard!  There you have it—–its some of the story.                 Shalom Aleichem

The Cave

We have a bonus room above our garage. We have always called it: “the cave”. At the first of the year I had so many of the instruments just laying around after the art show in Nov.,  I decided to hang some of them in the cave.  Now it looks like a music room, (too bad I can’t play) but it is one of my favorite rooms to relax, listen to music, read, meditate, or watch a movie or concert.  The walls are very dark, and the room is isolated away from the rest of the house, so can be very quiet. Its still the cave, but with all the lights, now, its not so dark? Here are a few photos————

COVID-19 Guitar

Its been quite a while since I posted anything. Who would have ever thought that I would be told how and what I could do with my business?  We closed our office about 6 weeks ago. I have seen a few emergences, and took care of a few urgent needs, but the rest of my time has been dealing with frustrations of not working, and reflecting on how to benefit from this time off.  I’ve had my share of minor melt downs, but I have been doing some other art besides glass, which has been very relaxing.  I’ll post a few pics below the guitar.

What an impact this tiny little virus has made????????????????   This is kind of a weird guitar, but maybe in a way it reflects the state of everything: confusing, conflicting, frustrating, perplexing, chaotic —-or maybe its my view of this country right now??   I do want to make sure I say this.  My trust is NOT in what I see or anything that man can do for me!—–My trust is in our Creator who is unseen.  I will just share 2 scripture that have been committed to memory during this time.  Some nights when I cannot sleep I will just say this scriptures over and over.  They are: Isaiah 26:3 and Lamentations 3:22-26.  I hope you will look at these?   You will keep in PERFECT PEACE him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You.  Isaiah 26:3        Perfect Peace——I just love that!!   It doesn’t take me too long to realize where my heart and mind is when I am missing that Peace.



I’ve decided to name this guitar: RONA 2020

Here are some other things that have occupied my time: I’ve been doing some calligraphy, coloring, and ink drawing.  We will see if any of those leads to do some other things?????  Thank you for being part of my life.  Hope all is well with you and your family.  Here are the photos:


New Guitars for Art Show

I decided to participate in the art show in Waco again this year—–I still am hesitant to sell, but this year I do have a few more to show, and some smaller instruments, so I may price them a little lower than last year?  These are the most recent. Kim and I are working on how to do the set up for the show. The last two guitars that I finished, I have decided to not touch up the wood or the finish on the guitars. I just repaired cracks, and did some sanding. It creates a rough worn patina that in a way I think makes the guitar look a little more interesting—–anyway—-something different. The art show is Nov. 8th, 9th, and 10th in Waco at the Hilton.

The guitar on the far right is a smaller guitar. The one in the middle was designed with Kim in mind——when she saw it, she said——-your NOT selling that one are you?  I’m thinking maybe????????????????   Probably not.

Latest Instruments

This is a small guitar—–my barber, asked me if I could do a barber pole in stained glass? I said:    I don’t want to do just an ordinary barber pole—-let me think about it?  This is what I came up with



The next piece is a commission. TCR reran the segment I was in and a woman contacted me from San Antonio. She had a violin that was her dads, and asked me if I could do something with it. When I got the violin, I asked her to tell me something about her dad–if he played the violin his whole life? She told me he only played when he was young, and that his real LOVE in life was baseball——-in fact he played in college, and then played for the Brooklyn Dodgers—–I thought that was so cool!  It has to have a Brooklyn Dodger—baseball theme? Right?   So here it is!