Glass for The Home

Before the flood, this is how the transoms (above) looked. They have been redone (below) and are hanging in the openings. I have now completed the other two.


this is the new look


Above :  transom before flood    IMG_3151

Modified transom after flood. These were the last two that  were completed around Christmas time of 2013.


The main piece of glass, with the three etched stripes, is from a light fixture from Waco Hall at Baylor. The fixtures were refurbished a couple of years ago, so I have a few of these pieces to do something with. ***** I finally found something to do with the 5 pieces that I had! I used them in a project for Patton Baptist Church. I have just completed that project (3/9/16). I made two stained glass windows for their sanctuary. The granite glass with the 3 etched stripes, was used in the in the cross, in each window. Photos of this glass will be posted on the blog page. I would be surprised if anyone was looking at this, but just incase—–I updated it.

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