Acoustic Instruments

Having trouble editing this site?????     I may have some repeat photos ?????????     Nope—-finally got them removed

Thanks for looking—-this has become one of my favorite things to do with stained glass. One day maybe I will be able to play one? If you are wondering if I sell any of these? I am open to offers——-I have had a few—even some that were legitimate. Right now, the price is not right. I will keep them for a while. Surprising to me—–the banjo is the favorite to quite a few.

3 thoughts on “Acoustic Instruments

  1. I am so interested in a guitar for my husband, but I have NO idea where to even start an offering price! Please let me know if you have priced any! Your work is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Saw you on TCR. LOVE all your stained glass work ! So beautiful. I’ve long wanted to learn to work with it. Was it difficult to find a class & to learn how to make the pieces?

    1. Thank you Ali——Well for me it wasn’t difficult to find a class. There was a local shop that was offering them. As you know you can learn how to do just about anything on Youtube. I have watched several videos and picked up new ideas and tips, so this would be a good resource if there aren’t any classes offered locally. As far as construction of the glass pieces, its really not hard, it just takes time. One of the first things to do is learn how to score and cut the glass. Start with simple designs, and smooth glass (you will understand why I said this when you start working with rippled and textured glass). Learn how to do the copper foil and the lead came. Its good if you have a place in your garage or a shop to work in. I would not do this in my house—-can be very messy and tiny shards of glass everywhere. Thanks again for your comment!

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