Living Water

“Living Water I”


This piece has exactly 77 pieces that make up the mosaic cross. This was the first Living Water that I made. I gave it to my dad. I have had quite a few people say they really liked it. When I told my dad, he said, “its not for sale”.


I have attempted over the years to contact people in the ministry about this particular piece—the Living Water design.  The ones who have one of these are: Ray Vander Laan; Beth Moore; Rick McCall; Jim Martin; Ronnie White, and Scott Meyer.


I have decided to insert a comment here, after all this is a blog site, right? Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do? Making these panels (Living Water) is an interesting experience. Each one, is one of a kind, and it becomes very personal to me. Its not like I can, or even want to mass produce these. I am making one right now for my sister in law, Barb. It may be my favorite so far———but then each one I make, when I make it becomes my favorite. It’s hard to explain. Maybe because there is so much meaning in it. It is not just another piece of glass.


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