Waco Tribune-Herald  – July 23, 2011

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not sure what the connection is between stained glass and clean teeth–????????????

WHAT A GOOFY LOOKING PICTURE !!! —it may be about time to remove this page from this site——-but not the part about Ronnie Jett.



Well——I think it would be a rare thing for anyone to even be looking at this site close enough to even read this, but I am going to say something about the artist that did this for me. This is a blog —-right? I’m supposed to write stuff. A local artist did this for me after the article came out in the newspaper. His name was Ronnie Jett. We had never met until the day he came into my office and gave me this. What an impact he made on me. Hey—–he made me look really good. That is the best I have ever looked. Our paths had crossed a few times since then. Until yesterday I had no idea that he was one of our best friends step dad———and you know how I found out?———-we went to the visitation of our friends step dad————it was Ronnie Jett. When I realized who it was and that I knew this person, it made such an impact on me. It also made me realize how connected we are to others——sometimes so closely connected, and we don’t even know it. At the visitation I looked at some of his artwork, and I started thinking—–he could have taught me a lot. I hope to get access to some of his drawings and possibly make them into some stained glass pieces. What a great guy——and I barely knew him. My friend— who lost her step dad, is Kim Nye. Jay and Kim have been very good friends, for about 20 years. Ronnie, died on March 30, 2015.

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